All about Marriage and Anniversaries

It’s May! The days are getting warmer. The sun is rising earlier and setting later each day.


Of course thoughts of Spring often lead to thoughts of love.

The birds are becoming “twitterpated” (to borrow a phrase from Disney’s Bambi) gathering twigs and building their love nests. The squirrels are chasing each other along the back fence and momma raccoon has chosen a place for her den! Oh no,…sorry Mrs. Raccoon, not by our back shed!

momma raccoon

Our wedding anniversary is also in May. We are looking forward to spending a relaxing weekend in a quiet little “get-away”.  More on this after we return because …its location is a surprise for my husband.

I have added a few new pages of Varenyky aka Perogy recipes. Take a look and try making a dozen or more. Just so you know, one dozen is never enough!

As I was going through some of my recipe books this week, I came across a very old recipe. Take a look at my page called a Recipe for a Happy Marriage.


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