‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving…


Wishing you all a wonderful week of delicious left-overs from your Thanksgiving Day dinner!

Always so much turkey left over!

If you are like most families, you cooked a lot. You ate a lot and then ate some more. I  would bet that you still have lots of turkey left over.

Turkey sandwiches with cranberry are awesome.  So are Hot Turkey sandwiches covered in gravy!  So many casseroles to make too!  You can get many of these recipes from your family, your friends, cookbooks and the Internet.  Turkey left-over ideas are abundant!

More than likely, you’ll be eating a lot of Turkey Soup these days too.  Turkey soup can be the perfect companion on a cool Autumn evening.  But not all soups are created delicious.

Some people stay far away from this soup because the stock can be very bland and tasteless.  Adding lots of spices and vegetables sometimes may improve the flavour but not always.

Come on now.  Be honest and admit that you have tasted some “dish pan water” flavourless Turkey soups.  It wasn’t that long ago that no one in my family asked me for seconds of my Turkey soup!  What does that tell you?

Well, that’s old news and in the past because now I have a delicious Ukrainian turkey soup recipe for you to try.  Not really sure how it evolved over time but my family definitely asks for seconds now.  Let me know what you think.  This may be my best Turkey soup yet!

Check out my recipe under Not So Traditional Foods.

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