Babies and baptism!

In our family, the past few months have centered around the birth of a few babies and the baptism of a special little baby girl!

I could write more about everyone being “twitter-pated” ( see my Spring blog entitled All About Marriage and Anniversaries) but it’s February and no sign of Spring around here yet.    With the recent births however, I guess the twinkle in the eyes happened last Spring and now we are getting to celebrate the births.

I am proud to announce the arrival of a new great-niece, little Sophie.  She’s the cutest little one and the whole family is quite proud.  Everyone is happy that the baby girl arrived safe and healthy.  After nine months of waiting, no one is more relieved however than Sophie’s new mom!


Nine months can seem like a very long time to the pregnant mom.  But you know what is even longer?   It’s raising a child !

When I had my first child, my obstetrician sent me a note of congratulations and inside it, he wrote “Now the real work begins….”.  He was so right!

When my children were growing up, there were times when I thought that I’d never ever sleep a whole night again!  Would I be washing seven loads of clothes every day?  Did we have to take so many items with us whenever we went out – a stroller, high chair, diaper bags, play pens, two or even three changes of clothes, etc. ?  Every day and night seemed like an endless circle of eating, burping, changing diapers, sleeping, eating, burping, changing diapers, sleeping.  The days actually blended into nights.  And you know how everyone says “sleep when the baby sleeps”…well, it’s the best advice ever.  But of course we new moms would try to sneak in a few of hours of housework whenever baby was put down for a nap.  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  For months, and sometimes it even felt like years,  I walked around in a zombie state.

I love my boys and enjoyed them as babies but I also liked having someone give me a break, just a bit of time for a nice long nap, if only for a short while.  My Man was awesome and could always tell when I needed my down time. “Sh”, he’d say to the kids, “Mom needs her nap time now”.

I am happy to have another little niece in our family but I am also so very proud to announce that I am now a Godmother too!  I am Godmother to an adorable little girl.  Her name is Ruby and yes, just like a precious gem, she is a beautiful little girl!  I was thrilled when asked to be her Godmother.  I am quite honoured to be asked to assist and to accept the responsibility of helping to instruct this little girl in the Catholic faith.  The Rite of Baptism is all linked to tradition and if you know me, I am very traditional.

ruby and water

Ruby’s parents will guide her in the day-to-day functions of life.  I see myself as one who will guide Ruby when it comes to her relationship with God.  It is actually a very big responsibility and I will do my best to be there for her whenever she needs me to be there.

rubyI think it’ll be a lot of fun watching my little gem grow up.  Does it say anywhere in the Bible that I cannot spoil her a little along our life’s journey ?

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  1. She is so adorable! Congratulations on becoming a godmother. I don’t have children yet but my husband and I have been talking about it for quite some time and I keep thinking to myself “how am I going to be able to do that?”


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