Our New Puppy

Just too cute!


Spike's Pet Finder photo. Spike’s Pet Finder photo. Our Monday afternoon was a cross between the shows, “Too Cute,” and “The Puppy Bowl.”

We got Princess Buttercup out of school (early…yes, we played hooky!) and went to the Jackson County, Alabama animal shelter and picked up our new puppy, Spike.

Spike and his brothers and sisters were found in a vacant lot underneath a pile of wooden pallets. Their dad is a chocolate lab, and their mommy dog is a black lab mix.

The nice lady volunteer, Laurie, brought out a few pups at a time, until we had about 6 pups in the room. It was so much fun! Adorable black and chocolate labs were everywhere! There was also a cat and a kitty that looked on in amazement.

The pups were happy and playful, all with different personalities.

Puppies, puppies everywhere! Puppies, puppies everywhere!



We specifically wanted a black male, so that’s how we chose…

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