Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival 2015 Photos


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Find the page for the Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival here


5 thoughts on “Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival 2015 Photos

  1. I enjoyed your pictures, thank you. I am here living in Kentucky the last 20 years. My ancestry is Slovak. I do cook a lot of Slovak food for my family and we still have some holiday traditions. But here in Kentucky there are no Slovak festivals or any eastern European ones. I will have to make a vacation out of going to one sometime. But I truly enjoyed your pictures. I am a second and third generation American Slovak and even though I have never been to Slovakia my heart longs to visit.


  2. Great pictures of the festival.. Can they be seen larger? These festival has grown so much over the years!

    Beatrix There is a remarkable young fellow in the states who blogs about Slovak food and works at Nasa as an engineer , seems to be he did blog on Slovak festival somewhere in the states..


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