Please don’t waste your food!

Just last week, I was sitting and talking with some girl friends about cooking and baking for our families.  It was good to hear that there is a swing back to home cooked meals and DIY canning and preserving of food.  Maybe it’s our age group but those of us sitting around that kitchen table also agreed that we tend to save our leftovers and do something with them the next day or so.  We didn’t feel that was the case for most people today.  I am sure you will agree that a lot of “good” leftover food is thrown out every day.

Growing up in our Ukrainian home in the 1950s was totally different from it is today.  Nothing got thrown out if it still had some life left in it.  Not sure what I mean by life?  The cup full of rice leftover from dinner; the half cup of steamed carrots; the cup of gravy…you get the picture.  As long as the food stored in the fridge wasn’t spoiled in any way, it all went into the soup pot, for example.  Maybe it was the Depression from the 1930s or maybe it was the fact that money was scarce in our family, but my mom used every scrap of vegetable or meat product that was leftover from our lunches or dinners.  Maybe this is why I have a major problem with seeing some food get left over at our house.

Yesterday we treated ourselves to delicious hamburgers and french fries from a local restaurant.  Mmm, tasty and everyone enjoyed their meal.  As usual, at least, in our house, I saw that there were left over french fries.  Not sure why but that’s the one fast food item that always gets left.  So what do we do?  We pack them up and put them in the fridge.

I’m already thinking to myself why bother? Never to be seen again?  No one is going to look at them again and they will get tossed in a day or two.

So this morning, when I looked at those fries. I decided enough was enough.  Think!   What could I do with them?

I could stop here and let you guess.  But I won’t.  I made Petroshas’s Hash Brown and Eggs Pan-Fry!  Check out my recipe under Not So Traditional Foods or click here.  Enjoy!


Petrosha’s Hash Brown and Egg Pan-fry

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One thought on “Please don’t waste your food!

  1. I am with you, I to do not throw left overs out. I try and use them all. Thanks for the recipe for left over fries, I will remember it next time I have left over fries. Have a wonderful day.


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