‘Twas the morning of garbage day…

‘Twas the morning of garbage day

and outside our street,

I woke to a noise

My dreams now complete!


I sprang out of  bed;

My brain now a-humming.

My Man lifted his head

I yelled…

“The trucks they are coming!”


But wait, I forgot….no Christmas gifts did I buy.

So I threw on some clothes,

I needed to try.


I drove like a bat,

I had no time to spare;

I knew that the trucks

Would soon be right there.


To Walmart I drove

Searched the aisles for a treat;

Something delicious

That these great guys would eat.


When into my cul-de-sac the guys did appear;

I ran out of my house

with nothing to fear.


They smiled when they saw me

and gave me a hug,

“Your kindness really counts”

As the cans they did lug.


So be kind to your garbage guys

and clean up your yard;

It’s not a labour of love

But they work very hard!




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