To bake ? Or not to bake ?

Happy 2018 everyone !

December 25, 2017 flew by and a week later…swish, so did the welcome in of our New Year.

Now it is January 5, the day before Ukrainian Christmas Eve and once again, the clock seems to spin those hands faster every year.  My theory is that the world is just spinning faster; but in reality, I think when one gets older, we are that much more aware of the days and time.

But wait, as usual I digress from what I really wanted to write about. Actually, it’s something I need to ask you about.

Like the title of this post asks….To bake or not to bake? ….I need your thoughts on cooking holobsti.

I am having a gang over for Ukrainian Christmas Eve and like you, I want to have everything cooked ahead of time.  So this year, I want to know what’s the better, tastier way to prepare holobsti?

Please tell me what you do.  Do you make your cabbage rolls, cook them and then freeze them?  Or, do you make your cabbage rolls and freeze them, cooking them the day of your dinner?

Please comment but before you do let me tell you that I am actually trying out both ways as I write this blog.  I’ll let you know how they turn out.  So, please make a comment below.  I’m always up for learning new ways!

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5 thoughts on “To bake ? Or not to bake ?

  1. Hey Patrushka never bake and freeze because they will be watery and fall apart once unthawed and heated. Freeze uncooked, unthaw nite before and bake day of.
    Merry Christmas. Good luck. 💕


    • Merry Christmas to you Leona! Thank you for replying. Good advice. There are many different opinions about to cook or not to cook. I am very interested to hear what others have to say. My neighbour freezes hers uncooked and I think they are the best! I’ll let you know how my experiment works!
      Thanks again,


  2. I put a can of tomato soup in my rice mix,then I roll them…put in roaster or covered cassarole dish,,,I cover them with tomato juice and freeze…cook them when I need them….I find the soup and juice give a nice flavor…..


  3. Are you listening to CKDM online..beautiful!
    I freeze my cabbage rolls ready to go uncooked, then cook the casserole at a very slow oven on Christmas Eve


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