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Ukrainian Wedding Korovai

This past Summer, I was asked to make a Ukrainian Wedding Korovai for a young couple.  It was a pleasure for me to assist this young couple in carrying on with a very traditional custom.

I like to meet the young engaged couple before I agree to bake and decorate a Korovai for them.  If distance is a concern, I want to at least have a chat with them on the telephone or by email to find out as much as possible about their interests, likes and dislikes.  This chance to talk gives me an opportunity to get a sense of how I’ll create the Korovai.  Each bread is uniquely custom-made and decorated to reflect the hopes and future dreams of the couple.

I have created a page dedicated to the creation of this Ukrainian Wedding Bread. Please check it out.

If you are interested in purchasing a custom-made Ukrainian Wedding Korovai, please contact me at

The sooner an order is placed the better. A 7-day Canada Post shipping and handling fee is reasonable, $25 approximately. However a 2-day becomes expensive, $48.00 approx.  Pick-up orders in Vancouver, B.C. are free.

It would be my pleasure to create a Korovai especially for you.



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