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Happy Mother’s Day !

Best wishes to all moms today!

As I sat in my church pew this morning during mass and a sermon about mothers, my mind wandered a bit back to a time when white and pink paper carnations were given out on Mother’s Day.

I was a member in a church youth group and each year we made dozens and dozens of paper carnation boutonnieres and gave them to members of our community. We stood in front of the Co-op Store and asked the grocery shoppers if they would like a carnation in remembrance of their mom. A pink carnation was pinned on if your mother was still alive. A white carnation was given if your mother had passed away. I recall that everyone was very accepting of our flowers. We did not collect any money or ask for donations for these homemade creations. I am not even sure if they stayed on long, but it made us feel good to pin them on.
I wonder if it’s still done? Funny what comes to mind when listening to your priest talk about the “importance of being a mom”!


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