How To Preserve A Husband

In choosing a husband, women need to be very careful of their selection.

Do not choose one that is too young or too green, but one that is tender with a healthy growth! Ensure that you pick one that has been raised in a good, moral atmosphere.

Let your decision be final. If you are too picky, they will not keep.

When you have decided on your selection, turn your thoughts to domestic use. Some wives insist on keeping their husbands in a pickle, while others are constantly getting them in hot water. This will only make them sour, hard and often bitter. Add a pinch of common sense as needed.

Even the poorest varieties can be made sweet, tender and good just by garnishing them with patience.

Spice them up with plenty of smiles.

Be sure to flavour them with lots of kisses.

For an ever-lasting product, husbands should be wrapped in a mantle of kindness, kept warm with a fire of steady devotion and always served with peaches and cream.

Like a fine wine, they will improve with age.

Husbands prepared this way can be kept for many years!

(author unknown)

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