Ukrainian Welcome Bread (Kolach) with Bread and Salt

Ukrainians regard bread as one of the holiest of all foods. The round bread or “Kolach” is a symbol of eternity and represents hospitality. It along with the salt is offered as a humble greeting to visitors. The guest breaks off a small piece, dips it into the salt, and bows their head slightly in thanks before eating the bread.  Salt is reflected in Christ’s words, “You are the salt of the earth” and it represents friendship.

“With this bread and salt we greet you!

Welcome – Bitaemo!”



4 thoughts on “Ukrainian Welcome Bread (Kolach) with Bread and Salt

  1. My parents presented my husband and I with a Kolach along with a salt shaker. Is this traditionally done at weddings?
    Our daughter is now getting married and I would like to present her and her husband to be with the same.


    • Hello Stephanie,
      Thank you for checking out my blog.
      The presentation of the Kolach and salt is a symbol of friendship and hospitality.
      For more information, please read Ukrainiann Welcome Bread (Kolach) with Bread and Salt under the heading Traditional Ukrainian dishes at the top of my Home page.
      For Wedding presentations, the decorated Korovai symbolizes eternity and an unbreakable bond for the newly weds. If you would like to read more, see Korovai (Ukrainian Wedding Bread). Perhaps you will try your hand at creating one for your daughter.


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