Colours of Autumn

It is a crisp cool Sunday morning!  We’ve just turned the clocks back one hour as Daylight Savings Time has ended.  If you are not sure what I mean…..In the Spring, we spring ahead! In the Fall, we fall back!

Looking outside I can see spider webs glistening on the branches of our deciduous trees.  The trees’ leaves have started to curl and swing in the breeze threatening to fall, but not before they turn bright orange, yellow and red.  I went outside just now to take these photos.

A gentle breeze just passed through the leaves of our giant Maple tree, and just for a moment, it sounded like the tree just sighed.

This is just the beginning and soon there will be piles and piles of leaves on the ground.  Yes, it’s Autumn in Canada.

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Olympic memories 1968

Like many of you, we have been watching the Sochi 2014 Olympics.  Just this past week we have seen many fabulous skiing and snowboard events.  These events have triggered special memories for me of past Olympics.

Back in 1968, I recall watching our rather small 20″ black and white television set and jumping up and down as a young skier raced down the mountain in Grenoble.  That young skier was Nancy Greene and at the ’68 Olympics, Nancy had won a gold medal for Canada.

Nancy Greene was Canada’s top ski racer through the 1960’s and she was well-known even in our small prairie town in Manitoba.

Skiing was a fascinating Winter sport for most of us.  Perhaps it was due to the fact that we had a lot of snow for at least six months of the year.  Unfortunately it was the prairies which are also flat.  Yes, not too many places back then that we could actually find a mountain to ski down.  Oh we had our hills that we could toboggan down and if you read my blog about my skiing attempts (First Snow and Skiing, December 2013) then you know why we were totally smitten with Nancy.


A couple of years ago, our family took a vacation and decided to stay at the Cahilty Lodge at Sun Peaks.  Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought that we would actually see Nancy Greene at her resort.  But guess what?  Nancy invited all of her resort guests and hosted a get-together in the evening!  Wow!  What a pleasant surprise.  I was so excited to meet her and yes, had the forethought to bring our camera with us.

To top off this amazing evening, Nancy met me the next morning and we skied together.  Now of course she had to wait for me at the bottom of most of the runs and she gave me a few skiing pointers (especially when I did a few face plants) but what a thrilling experience.  She’s a great lady and I am so happy to have met her.

Hmm, makes you wonder…if only I had met Nancy in the sixties!

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 11.12.34 AM

Nancy and her husband’s resort is at Sun Peaks near Kamloops, BC.  Both her and her husband have been instrumental in the development and promotion of ski tourism in British Columbia.

Visit for more information.

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