Varenyky, Perogy, Pyrohy…oh my!

You’ll read on other Ukrainian food sites that Varenyky aka perogies or pyrohy, are a main staple of Ukrainian immigrants. And I would agree that in the past, perogies were served at most meals but because many of us watch our intake of heavy foods (high in carbohydrates), they are mainly served now for special occasions and special times of the year. They are basically small parcels of dough that are stuffed with various fillings. And no pyrohy is ever eaten without sour cream and fried onions! (Well, at least not in our house).

Various regions in the Ukraine have their own versions of a varenyky. The fillings that most of us are accustomed to are made with potato, or potato and cheese. However, they can also be filled with a variety of fruit, cheese, poppy-seed, mushrooms, buckwheat, sauerkraut and even chocolate-covered cherries!

The recipes that follow are my favourites. One is my mom’s original recipe and I include one from my sister and my sister-in-law. They are all very good, but I find that the one made with the cream of tartar to be the easiest to handle.


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